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Howler Con‘s regular sale began earlier this month on June 1st with a bang! Daniel Sharman‘s meet & greets have sold out and there are only three left for Tyler Hoechlin. If you’ve been waiting for get your meet & greet with our resident Hale, now’s the time! The website hit an incredible 200,000 views […]

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It’s that time of the year for the Light the Night Walk! If you’d like to raise money for LLS please click on this link to help this team raise their $1,000 goal. It’s great to do good things and it’s even better to give back. Thank you tidepooling for putting together this team this year.

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Our Admins, Amy and Tina, don’t know how to do things the easy way. They also don’t believe in quitting. After a fairly successful first project, they decided to stick it out with the Teen Wolf fandom to spread a little more fandom love in the world.  After several long nights and few stressful text […]

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We sat down with Lauren Kayes to talk about her efforts in raising awareness for LLS and presenting Tyler Posey with the fundraiser she created! FGB: First of all we want you to know how happy we are that you decided to sit down with us for this interview. We think it’s so incredibly important […]

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Hello Teen Wolf Fandom! Lemme hear you howl!!! Thank you to all the lovely people who bid on our auction items, we were able to raise a total of $1,800 for LLS.  Our donation was submitted to them at the beginning of April, in the amount of $1,650.  The rest of the proceeds ($150) was […]

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