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One of our administrators flew out to LA this past weekend to meet the cast of Teen Wolf! Read her story below:

The decision to go to Days of the Wolf was very last minute. I literally bought everything a few days before it happened and unfortunately I could only attend on Sunday.

The con was amazing and the people running it were super friendly. I was able to grab photo ops and autographs with the Tylers, JR, and Keahu! I was a bit dazzled by all the attractive but I remembered to let the cast know about FGB and our efforts to raise money in the name of Teen Wolf fandom. They were all very excited by the idea and actually held up the lines to hear more about it. JR and Keahu signed special autographs for the auction (which you can bid on now).

I think the defining moment of the whole con was when I met Tyler Posey and was able to give him a quick rundown of the project after we snapped a photo. At his panel he had shared the fact that he supported LLS because people who were very close to him suffered from Lymphoma. The emotion on his face and in his voice was very genuine and he said thank you with this beautiful almost somber smile, so very different from his usual puppy grin. He ignored the prompting of the poor lady trying to keep the line moving to give me another hug and I could tell he was deeply moved. He got our information a little later in the day so he could check out our site.

I have never been prouder to be a part of FGB as I was in that moment. It is one thing to come together as a fan base to show love for an actor or a show or whatever; it’s another to show those people that you’ll stand by them in the hard times, will
fight alongside them not only as fans but people who genuinely care.

FGB was founded on the principle that fans should pay it forward in terms of the positivity they receive from being in a fandom. What better way than to do so by supporting a cause that is important to the cast? This is why we do what we do.

I know everyone’s situation is different but after meeting the cast this weekend I can’t help but ask: Give. Give your time, your love, your effort. Give generously. And if you can, give your money, haha.

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