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We sat down with Lauren Kayes to talk about her efforts in raising awareness for LLS and presenting Tyler Posey with the fundraiser she created!

FGB: First of all we want you to know how happy we are that you decided to sit down with us for this interview. We think it’s so incredibly important when fans take the initiative to get up and make a difference. With that being said, there are so many charities out there, why start with LLS?
Lauren: LLS is a cause that’s been close to my heart for a really long time. My dad was diagnosed with lymphoma when I was too young to understand what cancer was, and while he was healthy for a lot of my life he suddenly got very ill again when I was in college and passed away a few years ago. My family donates to LLS every year, and we participate in our local Light the Night walks whenever we can as well. Blood cancers have always seemed to be underrepresented when it comes to cancer awareness, and LLS is great about putting their money towards research and finding a cure. My family gives to a handful of other charities each year, but LLS is definitely the most personal for us. 
FGB: What made you decide to start the gofundme?
Lauren: I was considering doing something for LLS in Tyler’s name to show/give to him at Bitecon, but beyond making a small personal donation I was having trouble thinking of ways to make that work. Someone I know posted a personal fundraiser using gofundme, and I looked into the site and saw that LLS was one of their certified charities. It seemed like a great, easy way to track funds and show Tyler how much we’ve raised. I honestly didn’t expect the fandom response to be so immediate and positive. 
FGB: Is there a reason you chose Tyler Posey to present the certificate to?
Lauren: I actually met Tyler a little over a year ago, during a private meet and greet with him and Dylan at Wondercon. At the time I was unaware of his involvement with the charity, but heard about it shortly afterward and wished I’d known when I met him so I could thank him for his work.
My mom and sister flew out for Light the Night last fall, and I had the chance to walk with him and Seana and talk to him about my dad, and how much I appreciated what he was doing with the charity.  He interviewed me for MTV Act, and I know he has a very personal connection with cancer in his family, too. Between that, his Serengetee line, and his script auctions for LLS at Days of the Wolf, I thought it would be awesome if we could show our support for him and the charity by raising money in his name.
FGB: Can you talk to us about what it was like to have that experience at BiteCon with Tyler Posey?
Lauren: It was honestly a little overwhelming! I was completely fine being interviewed by him for MTV Act and doing Wolf Watch, which probably should have seemed like bigger deals than this, but I had people approaching me throughout the weekend to say how great the fundraiser was and I’d read so many sweet comments about Tyler and about my dad, so I was feeling pretty emotional about presenting it to him in front of an audience. I was really moved by how excited people were to give to a cause like this for Tyler. Luckily I got to talk to him the night before at the beer tasting, and he remembered me and was excited to see me and we had a super chill conversation (unrelated, since the fundraiser was a surprise!), so that put me a little more at ease for the presentation.

He seemed almost speechless in the moment. I think he was pretty blown away by the fact that we would raise money for a cause that means a lot to him, and after receiving Pages for Posey immediately afterward he said something about trying not to get emotional on stage. Later that day at the group meet and greet he talked about how he first got involved with the charity, and how much he appreciated our support. In every interaction I’ve had with him he’s been very down to earth, genuine, and humble, and this was no exception.

FGB: You began working with us at one point… admit it, how awful are we?
Lauren: You guys have been fantastic! I didn’t anticipate the fandom response to my fundraiser to be as huge as it was, and I think it’s so great that you had Teen Wolf auctions for LLS while this was going on and deeply appreciate all of the signal boosting you did for me as well. I’d love to be able to properly collaborate with you guys on either Teen Wolf or LLS-related projects in the future.
Hopefully after reading this interview you can see the reasons why we love her so much. Working with Lauren has been an absolute privilege and you can look forward to us working together again in the next upcoming months. There is a huge difference in wanting to do something and actually taking the motions to get it done. Lauren saw an opportunity to make a change and she took it head on. We want to extend our deepest level of gratitude to her for all she has done. It’s truly inspirational to see someone want to make a change and then make the moves to do it. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

Do you want to reach out and thank Lauren for her efforts? Find her here:


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